Started in March, 2017, ‘The Kitab’ is a non-profit initiative, based in India, which is passionate about bringing experimental photography and innovative bookmaking practices to new audiences around the country.

Using an extraordinary archive of more than 400 books, which have been produced in over 70 countries from around the world, it explores the development and role of photobooks/zines as an artistic media, traveling to new locations each time and bringing them to audiences which are wide-ranging and with eclectic tastes.

Through presenting South-Asia’s First Photobook Festival, The Kitab provides a platform to create and celebrate excellence in the field of photography bookmaking practices in the public domain.

SANDESH is World’s First Photo Festival meant specifically for marginalised communities.It is an all India photography festival that aims to democratise photography across the country and bridge the creative gap between weaker communities and the Indian society at large.

Using photography for social-impact, SANDESH has been designed to inspire, encourage, share, learn, grow and explore new photographic ideas and practices in a joyful environment with as many different communities as possible. Its use of unique and unusual settings is part of the distinctive look that the festival aims for and it is also completely free, enabling people from all walks of life to participate and enjoy.