Afghanistan: A Distant War by Robert Nickelsberg
Maidan – Portraits From The Black Square by Anastasia Taylor
WAR PORN by Christoph Bangert
Maydan – Hundred Portraits by Émeric Lhuisset
Revolutionaries The First Decade by Kaveh Kazemi
Lipstick and Gas masks by Mashid Mohadjerin
The Revolution Of Iran ’79 by Maryam Zandi
There Are No Homosexuals in Iran by Laurence Rasti
1984 by Gauri Gill
In Search of Dignity & Justice by Sudharak Olwe
The Euromaidan Revolt by Donald Weber & Arthur Bondar
Inshallah by Dima Gavrysh
Generation AK by Stephen Dupont
Unholy Matrimony by Noriko Hayashi
Andy Rocchelli – Russian Interior
iDyssey by Stefano de Luigi
Spasibo by Davide Monteleone
Veramente by Guido Guidi
The Western Front by Stanley Greene
The Americans by Robert Frank