The Kitab presents ‘SANDESH’ – India’s First Photo Festival for marginalized communities which will democratize photography across the country and bridge the creative gap between the slum communities and Indian society at large.

We had launched an all India photo festival, showing the work of more than 50 photographers from over 34 different countries, at 5 different slum neighbourhoods, in and around Dehradun. Our first edition started on December 15th, 2017, presenting digital exhibitions showcased as free slideshow projections in slum neighbourhoods.

Photography has always been largely confined to spaces like art galleries and museums in bigger cities in India, which is inaccessible to various under-privileged sections of the society: we want to change that.

With SANDESH, we wish to demonstrate that slums are also a home to very creative and talented people, who crave real opportunities. We will show a range of work from social issues on education, gender, identity, conflict, human rights, the health, environment and culture. Powerful, inspiring global photography should be available to all.

The use of unique and unusual settings is part of the distinctive look that festival aims for, enabling people from all walks of life to participate and enjoy, who would never have come into contact with such a diverse range of world-class photography.

By reaching out and taking photography to the people, we will build a real platform of interest in photography amongst all classes, vocations and background in Dehradun.