KT: How did you get into photography? When/what was your first encounter with Photography?

IL: My father is a director and a photographer so I think photography was something that was always around me. When I was 16, I started studying photography at school and was drawn to the darkroom processes…I then went onto to do further education, specializing in analogue printing in New York but you have to take pictures in order to print them!

KT: Your work is intimate, personal, sensual, romantic which is visible in your various projects including your latest zine ‘Softer Than Rain‘. What appeals you to do the kind of work you do?

IL: I think as a viewer I have always found photography to be a much more limited medium in terms of expression as compared to painting or drawing…when left raw, it can be quite factual. All my favourite series and artists are a lot more contextual, I love to know a story, for a photo to be an insight into someone. “I suppose breaking down walls and leaving the subject slightly vulnerable through sensuality or romance has been my own take on telling a story. That being said I always find taking someone’s photo or having one’s photo taken to be a very intimate experience.

KT: You have published and self-published many zines including ‘4EVA&EVA’, ‘Softer Than Rain’, ‘Snow in New York’ and ‘He Loves Me Not’. What is your fascination with making zines? Why do you prefer zines over photobooks?

IL: I think solely because zines are more accessible. They are affordable and relatively simple to make therefore can be slightly candid and messy. I would love to make a book, although it’s an intimidating thought!

KT: As a talented young photographer who is active on multiple social media platforms, we are curious to know your views on ‘Urban Feminism’ of todays’ internet age?

IL: I have a lot of views on it but to keep it simple I’d rather people be capitalizing on feminism than sexism.

KT: What do you hope people feel or see when they look at your work?

IL: I guess I always hope that there is an understanding. It’s strange, I never really make anything keeping in mind that someone might see it.

KT: You are known for your ability for your freestyle photography, you celebrate the unfiltered rawness of youth. What is your photographic fantasy?

IL: A massive, really emotional orgy! Joking, I don’t think I really have one.

Images©Indigo Lewin